All our loyal customers earn cashback loyalty rewards on all their purchases.

Loyal customers will earn 3 points for every R20 spent.

You can also use your loyalty points to pay for the delivery fee.

You will earn cash back on absolutely EVERYTHING including your dog and cat food.

Now that is REAL VALUE!!!

Signing up is completely free.

Please make sure that you tick the box next to “Create and account” on the Checkout Page. You will find this option just below the email address field on the Checkout Page.

Points can redeemed on the Basket page or on the Checkout page

Points can be redeemed in the following ratio, 15 points = R5.

If you wish to apply any of your points to a specific order, than select Apply Discount.

Now insert the number of points that you would like to apply to this order, e.g. 60 points (R20).

Now select APPLY DISCOUNT. The following message will appear “Reward Discount Applied Successfully“.

You can check your points balance by logging into the My Account section on our website.

Go to the “Loyalty Points” section.

Yes, your points will expire 12 months from the date of issue so please make sure that you redeem and save.